Clan Cumming Society of The United States
To Always Remember
"When a nation goes down or a society perishes, one condition may always be found. They forgot where they came from" - Carl Sandburg

Have you ever considered the real reason of what Scottish Festivals and Highland Games are all about? Why we dress at various times during the year in Scottish attire? Why we honor National Tartan Day, celebrate Robert Burns as well as other things Scottish?

Within all of us who are of Scottish blood, we are acutely aware of our dispersion throughout the world and assimilation into other nations. And that we are of one people held together by a common culture. Because of this awareness, we gather at various places throughout the year promoting friendship among North Americans who enjoy a distant kinship, and encourage through education, the perpetuation of our history, music and the folklore of our forebears.
As I was growing up, on several occasions my father told me, "never forget where you came from; and never forget who YOU are ever". I would encourage all to remember my fathers words. The next time you're at a Scottish Festival take an extra moment to really listen to the pipes, to enjoy Scottish dance and talk about your Clan and Scottish history with others.

I have friends in both Edinburgh and Glasgow who remind me from time to time that it is their perception that we are more knowledgeable about Scottish history than some in their own country, which brings me back to my fathers words. Be diligent in passing your heritage on to you children, least we forget where we came from and who we are.