Clan Cumming Society of The United States
Cumming Crest Badge
The badge signifies loyalty to our chief, and it is his badge, from the crest of coat-of-arms, that marks us as his clansmen & women whenever we wear it on our bonnets, as a brooch, etc.  The badge is a lion rampant or (gold), in his dexter (right) paw a dagger proper. Our motto is "Courage" and it is inscribed on the "strap" of the badge. The clan plant badge is the common sallow (pussy willow), and our livery colors are gold and blue, from the two predominant colors in the chief's arms. The Chief's arms should not be displayed by anyone but the chief himself, in accordance with Scottish law. Clan members  should display the badge, plant badge, and livery colors only. The badge is normally displayed with the words Cirean Ceann Cinnidh, which means "The Crest of the Clan Chief".