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Buchan Peterson Pipe Band - March 2017

The winter months have seen the Buchan Peterson Pipe Band members working extremely hard to prepare for the new season as a Grade 1 band. The first challenge of the year is coming up in April which will see the band compete at the North of Scotland indoor contest. All eyes will be on Buchan as the newest Grade 1 band on the competing circuit.

Over the last few months the bands membership has grown, with the lure of playing at the highest competition level drawing top quality musicians from across Scotland to the Buchan Pipe Band! The band continues to have a strong youth membership with almost a third of the band under the age of twenty five - that's seventeen members in total with half of them teenagers - the youngest member being only fourteen! Two of the bands young pipers, Robert Allan and Sean McHugh, are also members of the prestigious National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland which recruit only the most talented young players from around Scotland. This healthy element of youth in the band brings energy and innovation to all their performances. The band is also very fortunate to have strong family links with often more than one member of the same family who are playing members and many family members supporting through providing help with the organisation and fundraising.

Early May brings Buchan Peterson Pipe Bands annual Gala Dinner, which this year will include a craft beer tasting from a local brewery. It is hoped that the event will prove to be as successful as in previous years and a great night will be had by all, whilst raising funds for the organisation. By mid-May the Band will be heading to their first outdoor competition of the season and will compete in the North of Scotland Championships held in Banchory, Aberdeenshire. All are excited to see what the 2017 competing season will bring and are proud to be the only band in the entire North of Scotland competing at the highest Grade 1 level. Buchan plans to do themselves and all their supporters proud!
The Buchan Pipe Band
Mr. Keith Curickshank, Buchan Peterson Pipe Band Manager