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The band was founded in 1970 and competed throughout Scotland as a Grade IV level. In 1992 they founded the North of Scotland Champion of Champions competition that still runs today. During the early 90's the band was moving up the Pipe Band ranks with great success. They even appeared with Rod Stewart in concert. It was during this same period I had contacted the band secretary asking for more information on the band and expressing my interest in their success. It was amazing seeing them in Glasgow at the World Pipe Band competition playing among other tunes "Willie Cumming's Rant" It was no small matter that they also wore our beloved Cumming Tartan.

I was sending them articles from the Western United States Pipe Band Association that I belonged to and general piping material. At the time my piping teacher was Donald Shaw Ramsey here in Northern California where he had retired. Mr. Ramsey was at one time the Pipe Major for the celebrated Edinburgh Police Pipe Band that won the World Championship three times. One of the new tune arrangements that he had written was entitled "Desert Storm" after the 1992 war. I got permission to send this tune to the Buchan Pipe Band for their use.

During the 1995-1996 season the band achieved success dominating the competition in the Grade II category. In August 1996 I was lucky to see the band win the Grade II World Championship and included in their tune list was "Desert Storm". The band competed for several years as a Grade I before settling in the Grade II again.

In April 2003 when Past President Rev. Irv Cummings and I visited with the new Chief of the Clan, Sir Alastair Gordon Cumming I arranged to have a group of the pipers from the band come over from Peterhead and surprise him on the lawn at Altyre. He and Lady Louise with their children were thrilled with the reception and invited the band members in for tea afterwards. The band has maintained this connection since.

Once again I met up with the band at the World Championship, August 2006, and got to spend time with members and get a first hand look behind the scenes. It was at this meeting that the project was suggested by me as a way to support a Scottish cultural activity directly related to the Clan Cumming Society.

The project itself remains one of financially assisting some of the younger students and university age pipers in the band. Scottish bands have absolutely wonderful trophies to compete for but the cost to maintain a band at grade level is large. As a result they must charge annual fees to their members. Your donations are sent to the band secretary and are used to support the younger members. Visit the Buchan Pipe Band website at Fund raising begins after the first of each year with distribution to the band in April.  You can send your donation to:

Clan Cumming Society of the United States
7409 Jessica Way
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The Buchan Pipe Band
Past National President William Cummings Jr.
A volunteer project to support financially the Buchan Peterson Pipe Band from Peterhead, Scotland has been supported for several years now. This tremendously successful band has represented the Buchan District as well as being the only Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association member wearing the Cumming tartan.

The Buchan Peterson Pipe Band Project is voluntarily supported by members of the Clan Cumming Society and others to promote an authentic connection to the District of Buchan and to a Scottish cultural group that represents the Clan Cumming in Scotland. The monies are donations by individuals and are not part of any Clan Cumming Society of the United States funds. These funds are raised and held separately for the benefit of the junior band members.