Welcome! The Clan Cumming Society of the United States was founded by our 1st President, David W. Cummings, and authorized April 15, 1997 to recruit members on behalf of Clan Cumming in the United States by the late Sir William Gordon Cumming, Bart., Chief of Clan Cumming.

The Society is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and heritage of the ancient Scottish surname of Cumming, it variants, and associated names (sometimes referred to as "septs"); and promoting friendship among North Americans who enjoy a distant kinship, encouraging through education, the perpetuation of the history, music and folklore of their forbearers.

Membership is open to anyone of Scottish descent bearing the surname Cumming, or one of the "sept" names traditionally associated with the Clan, or anyone descended from the same. To join, please complete the application form by clicking the membership link located under Organization on the main menu, and send it, along with $15 in membership fees ($25 for couples/families) to the address listed on the bottom of the application. The membership year coincides with the calendar year. Members become delinquent and are placed on the inactive list if annual dues are not received by the end of April. Members who join after January pay prorated dues for the remainder of the year (see page 2 of the membership application).

Please feel free to join us at any Highland Games where there is a Clan Cumming tent. Also, the Society publishes a quarterly newsletter, An Cuimean, through which you will learn more about the colorful history of the Cummings, as well as society activities.
Clan Cumming Society of the United States
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